Stephen Dawson Portrait

Dr. Stephen H. Dawson, DSL

+1 (865) 804-3454

Dr. Stephen Dawson is a strategic internal or external consultant that provides exceptional-business building outcomes in the United States and Southeast Asia by utilizing his visionary abilities to design and deliver the next generation business productivity tools that assist regulators in accomplishing economic development. He has maximized his postdoctoral work in ways to blend his exceptional education with his outgoing personality and strong communication skills.

His unique ability to see beyond the company and determine what it should be doing improves product reach, boosts productivity, and increases profits. Stephen is a strategic business expert with start-up and growth organization experience. Dr. Dawson is an energetic, proactive, and results-driven leader with exceptional high-performance team-building abilities.

Stephen has been described as a strong leader with exceptional attention to detail. He has the energy to manage technical groups that meet difficult strategic plan goals and objectives. With his proven track record of conceptualizing, implementing, and managing processes in new and existing organizations, Stephen has enabled his prior clients to overcome competition time after time.

Dr. Dawson is especially strong in problem-solving and analyzing market needs to enable him to increase results, boosting both revenue and profitability. These accomplishments are but a few of the hallmarks of his career. Stephen builds highly effective organizations, identifies business roadblocks, eliminating them in record time.

Dr. Dawson has shown himself to be unafraid in leading innovative technology transformations, aggressively building support functions to do more with fewer resources, pursuing the bottom-line successes critical to customers and officers. The bottom line, Dr. Dawson will protect hard-earned profits.

Stephen earned his DSL doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Global Consulting and his MBA in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Regent University. He earned his BS from Mary Washington College. He also holds a Postdoctoral Certificate in Board Governance from the Institute for Management Development and a Postdoctoral Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. His superior educational background enabled him to serve as an Adjunct Professor at Regent University, teaching business, leadership, and management courses.

Dr. Dawson has a great ability to communicate with anyone at any level, which is proven by his having negotiated win-win deals. Stephen has a rich and successful record of demonstrating the use and application of best practices to improve performance and quality by having a diverse background in software and data management, making him a prime employment target for any technical or manufacturing industry.

Others describe Stephen as a high-energy manager with the ability to build diverse, high-performance teams. His exceptional leadership abilities enable him to maximize supervisor and employee performance and capture superior productivity in any organization. New market direction identification is one of Stephen's cornerstone abilities.