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The difference between commentary and rhetoric is defined only by the person considering the words of another person. Some people need few words to understand a message, while others need more words. The number of words necessary to gain understanding is not always important. Acquiring understanding to achieve effective communication is important. The investment of the time and effort necessary for accomplishing communication is well-spent when it leads to a shared understanding.

The chronicle of our world is replete with struggle in all cultures and sub-cultures. The worldview held by each person greatly influences their ability to recognize, define, and resolve any problem. The era we live in now is difficult for many, at numerous locations of several countries. Sovereign borders do not separate people from the need of genuine help, particularly at a time when Internet driven globalization is bringing humanity closer together than ever before in history. It is suitable, if the sanctity and dignity of life are each held in high regard, we place less effort on harmful forms of division and more effort on healthy forms of unity, for moving towards finding the means to live in harmony. Therefore, it is necessary for us all to find clear and specific recommendations to resolve the problems we as humanity face today.

These writings are commentary of matters in the public domain, speaking to a specifically identified problem, with the hope of helping to resolve the problem. Appreciation of the problem is accomplished through empathy with those suffering from the problem. The goal of these commentaries is to reveal observations of truth to the reader and help them find revelation, to integrate newly realized truth into their lives. The intent of these commentaries is to bring realization of the need for change. This realization is accomplished by providing a description; explanation for causes; a critique of those involved; appropriate criticism; recommendations to resolve; and identification of specific needs for additional research to resolve the problem. It is not the goal of these commentaries to assign blame or use fear mongering to influence change. It is understood many problems in life are often interrelated and complex. These commentaries are not an exhaustive treatise. All statements are justified by providing supporting evidence of both academic and professional merit.

Each commentary is presented in either HTML and PDF files, or referenced by URL at a third-party web site. The commentaries are syndicated through Rich Site Summary (RSS), providing readers timely updates of newly published commentaries through news aggregation. Here is a listing of recommended RSS feed readers. Reader comments are welcome by emailing

Evidence of a virtue is evidence of moral excellence. Perhaps the greatest virtue of all is gratitude. Thank you, for reading these commentaries.

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