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To help you make a more informed decision on your IT needs, we are in the process of authoring a number of articles related to the products and services we offer. Please return to this page as we continue to add more articles in the future.

Meanwhile, you can contact us for a more in depth discussion on these topics.

IP Thermostat

An IP Thermostat is the replacement for your regular thermostat, with the ability to connect it to your local data network and/or to the Internet. There is no need to replace the HVAC unit itself in order to implement an IP Thermostat. These products are excellent if you want to monitor readings and control remotely the settings of your thermostat using an Internet browser.

Download our pdf file on IP Thermostats to read more ...

Last Modified: 12/09/2009

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the ability to see and record information of a remote device attached to a data or voice network connection. To find out what it involves and why you may need it, please download our article ...

Download our pdf file on Remote Monitoring to read more ...

Last Modified: 12/09/2009

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