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Enterprise Resource Planning System

SH Dawson Computer Service in Knoxville, TN, provide Small & Medium Businesses with Dell™ servers preconfigured with Open ERP Business Management Software (previously called TinyERP). Open ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), which integrates all relevant data and management processes of your organization into a single application.

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We can help you manage your daily business activities, tasks and projects in a cost effective manner, saving you hours of business administration and enabling you to maximise your responsiveness to your customers' requirements.


Modules for Different Business Processes

There are more than 200 business modules covering every area of business management, including:

(To view a demonstration of the modules, follow the link to the Open ERP website.)


  • Inventory Control & Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • And many more modules.....


Access the Application from Multiple Locations

Your staff will be able to access the ERP software using your own desktop computers within your office. The application server is also accessible securely over the Internet using any web browser, freeing your staff to work away from the office while reviewing and updating business data.

Multiple Simultaneous Connections

The server is capable of handling a large number of concurrent connections limited only by the capacity of your office network.


Data Immediately Available

The data is available immediately it is updated onto the server by your staff. This empowers your business to make timely decisions using the latest information.


The ERP software integrates with many of your existing office system applications: MS Office, Excel, Outlook, SAP, OSCommerce, LDAP, OpenOffice, Joomla, ezPublish, . . . The application client can run on computers with Windows and Linux operating systems, or on an internet browser of any operating system.


The Dell™ servers can be leased or purchased outright with a choice of Dell™ warranties and with the software and operating system pre-installed.

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An important part of maintaining the ERP Application Server is the availability of Remote Administration, providing fast response to your company for changes, upgrades, or maintenance. You don't have to know how to administrate a server to own one! We will provide you with technical support on an as needed basis, or on a service contract.

We will also provide you with up to date user Manual and Documentation for the application.


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